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Viva Magenta – make self-confident statements with the trend color of 2023

Viva Magenta is brave, powerful and fearless. A vibrant color that expresses liveliness and optimism and inspires new (life) stories. The Pantone trend color 2023 invites you to freely express yourself and experiment with your own look. It is an outstanding statement that gives fashion and interiors a fresh esprit.

Brings joy into the living room

With its invigorating and cheerful effect, Viva Magenta brings a lively element into the living room. Home accessories in this tone are ideal for setting specific color accents. Used correctly, it gives freshness and luminosity. For example, with the chic coffee table books from the Assouline publishing house, colorful statements can be made that give the room an inviting effect. The high-quality books combine information and aesthetics while promoting and spreading culture. With her beautiful image design, she lets the readers immerse themselves in other worlds and at the same time convey exciting facts about design, art and culture. Convince yourself of the effect of this color and visit us.

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