The New Additions to the “Travel Series” from Assouline

The Travel Series takes readers on a journey to the most coveted cities, sharing their stories and celebrating the hotspots and personalities that make each place a must-see. Exclusive photography reveals the unique spirit of the place, with each volume presented in an eye-catching, vibrant hardcover inspired by the destination. As every year, Assouline presents new destinations just in time for summer, and we’d like to introduce you to a few of them.

BUDAPEST GEM – Timeless Beauty

Budapest, the vibrant capital of Hungary, is a city of fascinating contrasts. Beyond its turbulent past, Budapest pulsates with a dynamic present characterized by cultural fusion and creative zeal. Artists, filmmakers and innovators thrive here, combining nostalgia with a forward-looking energy. Budapest Gem, with original photography by Oliver Pilcher, captures the essence of the city and inspires with its timeless appeal.

SEVILLA ARTE – Vibrant Culture and Tradition

Sevilla Arte captures the dynamic essence of Seville, showcasing its rich culture of flamenco, bullfighting and unconditional devotion. From the passion during Semana Santa to the excitement of the Sevilla Fútbol Club fans, the city pulsates with life and pride. Through striking images and moving narratives, Assouline captures the profound beauty and passion of this Spanish jewel.