Cosmic Spring Feelings

Ole Lynggaard presents Funky Stars, a new cosmic collection designed by Charlotte Lynggaard. Discover the star-shaped jewelry design with white diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold at Juwelier Heldwein.

„On the Cutting Edge of Design“

The Funky Stars collection is brought to life through new, sophisticated techniques that create a range of exciting expressions. The different layers of the diamonds give the pieces of jewelery in this collection a multidimensional structure and an extraordinary radiance.

Mix and Match

As one already know from previous Ole Lynggaard collections, the Funky Stars encourage the wearer to experiment with certain looks. There are both small and large Star ear studs and pendants with five or nine points that can be worn in any combination.

Ole Lynggaard “Funky Stars” Large Ear Studs 0,27ct. € 5.400,- each

Ole Lynggaard “Funky Stars” Medium and Small Ear Studs 0,36ct. or 0,24ct. as a pair from € 5.700,-

Ole Lynggaard “Funky Stars” Pendant with Nine Points 0,99ct. € 9.700,- each

Ole Lynggaard “Funky Stars” Pendant with Five Points 0,61ct. € 6.600,- each