Thanks to the first, highly secure and high-quality travel case from the “Döttling” brand, this is now possible.
The “Guardian” offers unique protection for up to six wristwatches, jewelry, cash or important documents at any place and at any time.
Piercing or sawing through the “Guardian” is virtually impossible, as it has a double-walled high-security tube built into the leather. The hard metal component is extremely high, almost as high as a diamond – which means that the hard metal immediately destroys drills or saws.
Furthermore, the “Guardian” convinces with its extreme impact resistance. Due to the polycarbonate content, it cannot be broken even with the largest sledgehammers.

The safe door is located at one end of the high-security tube and can only be opened with a three-digit code. When entered correctly, the locking mechanism, consisting of four polished high carbon steel locking bolts, opens.
Despite its comprehensive high-tech security features, the 14.5-inch-long, 5.3-inch-diameter “Guardian” is a true lightweight at only about 8.8 pounds, making it comfortable to carry anywhere.