The Magical World of the “Young Fish”

Immerse yourself in one of Sofia Lynggaard Norman’s two debut collections. The universe of “Young Fish” is inspired by days spent diving in Australia and the vibrant world beneath the surface of the ocean. A world where light brings colors to life. A world that is always in motion. In this collection, Sofia captures the essence of sea creatures in playful designs with sophisticated details. The “Young Fish” ring enchants with an Akoya pearl that bounces with a gentle touch. The earrings can be combined with a variety of interchangeable pendants, allowing for a diverse range of personal expressions. The universe of the “Young Fish” serves as a reminder to stay in the moment, immerse yourself in the details and discover the little fairy tales around you. In the great blue depths, a diver’s breath becomes a rhythmic melody that invites you to focus on the uniqueness of nature. Each time you visit the ocean from beneath the surface, nature looks different, and each time you discover something new.

The Deep Blue Depths “Under the Sea”

“Under the Sea” is the second debut collection from Sofia Lynggaard Normanns. Sofia draws inspiration from nature in this collection and playfully experiments with different forms of expression and techniques during the design process. The collection consists of bangles, earrings and rings crafted as infinite, organic shapes in 18-karat yellow gold. Discover a collection that exudes timeless charm and refined elegance.