© DeVecchi

In order to complement the SELECT range, Sebastian Schroeter is always on the lookout for new and suitable products. One of his latest discoveries is the silver manufacturer DeVecchi in Milan.

Italian Craftsmanship

The silversmith atelier De Vecchi was founded in Milan in 1935 by Piero DeVecchi. Located in the art direction of Futurism, the iconic designs are still characterized today by their future orientation and dynamism. An example of this is the famous MulT8 candlestick, which revolutionized the conventional, well-known forms. Today, a large team of young creative talents is constantly working on new creations in the unique DeVecchi style, which is recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Interior-Design with a Twist

One of DeVecchi’s most famous designs is the curved candlestick from the Mult8 series, as mentioned above, which was recognized at the Milan “Triennale” in 1947 for its decorative yet timeless style. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a classic one-color version made of brass or a colorful version with PVC and rope, the candlesticks are guaranteed to match any furnishing style.

Discover the exclusive candlesticks and other home accessories with the unmistakable design of the DeVecchi at SELECT.

© DeVecchi