The iconic Snakes collection has an alluring expression that reflects the organic and sculptural silhouette of the serpent.

When visiting Cairo in the early 1960s, Ole Lynggaard was immediately captivated by the charm and grace of the serpent ornaments. Upon returning to Denmark, he sketched the snake’s shape and sculptural movements over several years, while developing his iconic Snakes design and perfecting every detail. His first snake-inspired design was a gift to his wife and muse Karin. Just over 50 years after his travels to Egypt, Ole Lynggaard unveiled his designs to the rest of the world in the form of The Snakes Collection.

Since the introduction of the Snakes jewellery, the collection has been expanded with additional designs. Over the past few years, Charlotte Lynggaard has designed several exclusive Snakes rings and special pieces making the collection a piece of shared design history between the father and daughter.

This year, it has been 10 years since The Snakes Collection was first introduced. Through the years, it has wriggled its way into the hearts of many – and to this day, it is one of the brand’s most coveted collections.

One snake sculpturally coils around the finger, another curves around the wrist, a third meanders from the ear. The iconic Snakes designs are crafted from 18 karat gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. Some also coil around a colourful gemstone.